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Move Character

Moves a character to the specified tile at their assigned movement speed. If a walkable path is not open the character will remain at their current position.


move_character(character, tile)
characterCharacter (player or NPC) that will be moved.EntityYes
tileID or coordinate of the destination tile or a reference to the destination tile itself.String, Coordinate, or EntityYes

If you are moving the player character, Lock/Unlock Player Movement must be called first to prevent the player from interfering with the scripted movement. You can also use the more convenient Move Player function.


move_character(entity["sarah"], "bridge01");

Results: The character with an ID of “sarah” walks from her current location to the bridge tile with an ID of “bridge01”.

Use the Move Character function to move the player character or NPCs around the map during scripted sequences or cutscenes.

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