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Map Editor


The Map Editor is where everything comes together. You will use this editor to build your game world using the tiles, objects, and characters that you've created in the Voxel Editor. There are three different “modes” available in the Map Editor:

  • Place: This mode is used to place tiles, objects, and characters into the map.
  • Edit: This mode is used for making modifications to existing tiles, objects and characters, for example, to delete or rotate a tile, attach a script to an object, add dialogue to a character, etc.
  • Connect: This mode is use to add, remove, or edit navigation paths between tiles.

Main Toolbar

IconFunctionDescriptionShortcut Key
New ResourceOpens the New Resource dialog (with “Map” selected for the resource type).
SaveSaves changes to the map.
Save AsSaves a copy of the map to a new file.
UndoReverts the most recent modification made to the map.Ctrl + Z
RedoReapplies the last modification that was undone.Ctrl + Y
Clear MapRemoves all tiles, objects, and characters from the map.
Generate Auto-Tile ConfigGenerates an auto-tile configuration using the current map's tile layout. See Auto-Tiling for more information.
Toggle GridEnables/disables the grid lines used for tile placement.
Toggle Navigation PathsEnables/disables the grid lines indicating the map's navigation paths.
Toggle MarkersEnables/disables the marker icons for scripts, dialogue, lights, etc.
Place ModeSwitches to Place Mode for placing tiles, objects, and characters.F1
Edit ModeSwitches to Edit Mode for modifying existing tiles, objects, and characters.F2
Connect ModeSwitches to Connect Mode for modifying the map's navigation and interaction.F3
Randomize RotationEnables/disables random rotation of resources. When enabled, the current rotation will be randomized each time a resource is placed into the map.
Free CameraEnabled/disables the free camera mode.
First-Person CameraEnabled/disables the first-person camera mode. To enter this mode, you must first have selected a single tile while in Edit mode.
Save Camera PositionOpens the Save Camera Position dialog allowing the current camera position to be saved for later use. The saved camera positions are listed on the Map Properties panel.


Default Camera

Middle Mouse Button + DragRotate camera
Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow KeysRotate camera
Shift + Middle Mouse Button + DragMove camera
Shift + Arrow KeysMove camera
Scroll Wheel Up or Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button + Drag UpZoom camera in
Scroll Wheel Down or Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button + Drag DownZoom camera out
Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow KeysZoom camera in/out

Free Camera

Middle Mouse Button + DragLook around
Shift + Middle Mouse Button + DragMove camera horizontally
W, Scroll Wheel UpMove forward
S, Scroll Wheel DownMove backward
AMove left
DMove right
QMove down
EMove up

First-Person Camera

W/SMove forward/backward
A/DTurn left/right
Middle Mouse Button + DragLook around
MMove to selected tile

Place Mode

Place ResourceLeft Mouse ButtonPlace tile/object/character
Rotate ResourceRight Mouse ButtonRotate pending tile/object/character
Raise GridARaise placement grid by one voxel
Lower GridZLower placement grid by one voxel
Reset GridXReset placement grid to zero
Raise Grid (Step)Ctrl + Scroll Wheel UpRaise placement grid by an amount equal to the map's tile width in voxels
Lower Grid (Step)Ctrl + Scroll Wheel DownLower placement grid by an amount equal to the map's tile width in voxels

Edit Mode

Left Mouse ButtonSelect a tile/object/character.
Right Mouse ButtonOpen context menu containing actions for the selected resources.
Ctrl + Left Mouse ButtonSelect multiple tiles/objects/characters.
NCycle through the available navigation types if two adjacent tiles are selected.
RRotate the selected tiles/objects clockwise.
TRotate the selected tiles/objects/characters counterclockwise.
YRotate the selected tiles/objects/characters to a random angle.
D, DeleteDelete the selected tiles, objects, or characters.
GAdd the current selection to a group.
POpen the properties dialog for the selected tile/object/character. See Entity Properties.
CCopy the (X,Y,Z) coordinate of the selected tile/object/character to the clipboard.
LAdd a positional light at the location of the selected tile/object/character. The light's properties can then be edited from the Map Properties panel.

Connect Mode

Left Mouse Button + DragConnect two adjacent tiles using the currently selected navigation type.
Right Mouse Button + DragRemove existing navigation path between two adjacent tiles.
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