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Voxel Editor


The Voxel Editor is used to create the voxel models for your game's tiles, objects, and characters.

Main Toolbar

IconFunctionDescriptionShortcut Key
New ResourceOpens the New Resource dialog (with “Tile” selected for the resource type).
SaveSaves changes to the model.
Save AsSaves a copy of the model to a new file.
UndoReverts the most recent modification made to the model.Ctrl + Z
RedoReapplies the last modification that was undone.Ctrl + Y
ClearRemoves all voxels from the model's current frame.
Import from VOX/PNG FileOpens the Import dialog, allowing you to import data from MagicaVoxel VOX files or PNG images.
Export to External FormatOpens the Export dialog, allowing you to export the model to either the MagicaVoxel VOX format or to the OBJ format.
Toggle Voxel OutlinesEnables/disables the outlines drawn around the edges of voxels.
Toggle GridEnables/disables the boundary grid lines.

Camera/Other Controls

Right Mouse Button + DragRotate camera
Shift + Right Mouse Button + DragMove camera up/down
Scroll Wheel UpZoom camera in
Scroll Wheel DownZoom camera out
Alt + Left Mouse ButtonPick color

Editor Tools

IconFunctionDescriptionShortcut Key
Attach/Place VoxelsMode for adding voxels to the model. New voxels can be attached to existing ones or onto the bottom grid by left-clicking.F1
Paint VoxelsMode for painting voxels. Left-click an existing voxel to change its color to the currently selected color.F2
Erase VoxelsMode for removing voxels from the model. Left-click to remove the voxel currently highlighted with a red outline.F3
Replace ColorMode for replacing the colors of multiple voxels at once. Left-clicking a voxel will replace the color of that voxel and any others of the same color with the currently selected color. With “All Frames” checked, the color replacement will occur across all frames of the model.F4
Shift Model UpShifts the entire model up by one voxel (current frame only)
Shift Model DownShifts the entire model down by one voxel (current frame only)
Shift Model LeftShifts the entire model left by one voxel (current frame only)
Shift Model RightShifts the entire model right by one voxel (current frame only)
Shift Model ForwardShifts the entire model forward by one voxel (current frame only)
Shift Model BackwardShifts the entire model backward by one voxel (current frame only)
Flip Model HorizontallyFlips the entire model horizontally, relative to the camera view (current frame only)
Rotate Model HorizontallyRotates the entire model clockwise by 90 degrees (current frame only)

The Voxel Editor's palette allows you to select which color to use when attaching or painting voxels. The table below describes the actions that can be performed by clicking on a color slot within the palette grid.

Left Mouse ButtonSelects the color to use for attaching/painting.
Right Mouse ButtonOpens the color picker to modify the color.
Middle Mouse ButtonReplaces the color slot with the currently selected color.

Animation Toolbar

IconFunctionDescriptionShortcut Key
Frame NumberDisplays the current frame number and total number of frames.
First FrameJumps to the first frame.Ctrl + Up Arrow
View Previous FrameMoves to the previous frame.Ctrl + Left Arrow
View Next FrameMoves to the next frame.Ctrl + Right Arrow
View Last FrameJumps to the last frame.Ctrl + Down Arrow
Add Blank FrameAdd a new blank frame after the current frame.Ctrl + N
Duplicate FrameCreates a copy of the current frame.Ctrl + D
Delete FrameDeletes the current frame.
Move Frame LeftReorders the frames by moving the current animation frame to the left.Shift + Left Arrow
Move Frame RightReorders the frames by moving the current animation frame to the right.Shift + Right Arrow
Play AnimationPlays the selected animation.
Add AnimationDisplays a dialog that will allow you to define a new animation for this model. These values can be adjusted afterward from the Model Properties panel.
Remove AnimationRemoves the selected animation.
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