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Model Properties

The Model Properties panel displays various information pertaining to the model that's currently active in the Voxel Editor. The properties will vary slightly according to the type of resource being edited (i.e. tile, object, or character). Most of these values can be edited and are explained below.

Common Properties

TagsAllows you to assign one or more keywords that describe the model (e.g. a wooden chair could be given the tags “furniture” and “wooden”). These tags can then be selected from the filter dropdown at the top of the resource selection panel.
Blocks Line of SightDetermines whether or not this model will block a character's line of sight. This is used by the experimental fog of war feature and will be used in other line of sight calculations in the future. See Set Entity Blocks Sight.
Light SourceWhen enabled, the model will act as a light source and emit light outward. A marker icon will be displayed in the 3D view to indicate the light's position. See Positional Light for more details.
AnimationEach animation defined for the model will display as a separate item that can be expanded in order to view/edit its settings. See Animation for more details.

Tile Properties

WalkableDetermines the default navigation to/from this type of tile when initially placed into a map in the Map Editor. If enabled, navigation paths will be automatically connected from this tile to adjacent tiles at the same grid level.
Speed ModifierDetermines a character's movement speed when walking on this type of tile. The modifier is a percentage and therefore has a default value of 100%. As an example, setting this to 50% means that a character will walk at half their normal speed.
Collision OverrideAllows you to specify another tile that will be used for collision calculations (for example, for terrain following) and mouse click detection in-game (instead of using this tile's model). See Collision Override for more details.

Object Properties

PassableDetermines the default navigation to/from tiles on which this object is located when initially placed into a map in the Map Editor. If disabled, any adjacent navigation paths will be automatically removed when this object is placed onto a tile.

Character Properties

NameName to display during dialogue and in other scenarios where the character is referenced.
Name ColorColor to use for the character's name when displayed during dialogue and other scenarios. Select “Custom” to define a custom color for this character, or “Theme Default” to use the current theme's “Speaker Name Color” as defined in the Theme Editor.
PortraitPortrait image of the character to display during dialogue and other scenarios.
Speaking SoundSound effect that will be used for the character's “voice” as they speak during dialogue. If none is specified then the game's default sound effect will be used.
SpeedMovement speed of the character in voxels per second. This determines how fast the character walks from tile to tile.
Vision HeightDetermines the height of the camera (in voxels) relative to the tile on which the player is currently standing. For example, a vision height of 8 would place the camera at a height of 8 voxels above the terrain. This property is only applicable to the first-person view.
PassableDetermines whether or not other characters can pass through this one. This is useful for small wildlife that shouldn't block the path of other characters.
HealthInitial/maximum amount of health for the character. The character will be killed/destroyed if their health reaches zero in combat or other scenarios.
AttackInitial attack (i.e. strength) value for the character. This value is used in damage calculation when attacking another character.
DefenseInitial defense (i.e. toughness) value for the character. This value is used in damage calculation when being attacked by another character.
MovementMovement range (in number of tiles) that the character can move per turn during combat. This property is only applicable to the tactical combat system.
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