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(Overview - what are vehicles?)

Creating a Vehicle

- Decide what terrain types the vehicle will be traversing - can it move anywhere characters can normally, restricted to certain types (ships restricted to water), or prohibited from certain types (land vehicle prohibited from water).

- If one of latter two, assign terrain types in the Voxel Editor to appropriate tiles

- Create an object model for the vehicle - animations used are “default” for stationary and “move” for when the vehicle is moving

- Add object to the map and enable the “Vehicle” toggle in its Entity Properties

(Table of vehicle properties: speed, terrain types, and disembark script)

- Note that all tiles must have navigation connected, even between land and water tiles, for example. The game will take care of determining whether or not a character or vehicle can move between terrain types.

- In-game, player can interact to enter the vehicle. Ctrl-Left Click or Ctrl + Arrow Key on a valid adjacent tile will cause the player to disembark from the vehicle onto that tile.

Known Issues

- Changing maps while the player is in a vehicle

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