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Asset Library

The Asset Library allows you to browse a set of sample assets that come bundled with RPG in a Box. These assets currently include models and music and can be imported directly into your project for use in your game. The Asset Library is accessed from the main toolbar along the top of the application. To import an asset, select it from the list then click the “Import” button. Hold the Control key down to select multiple assets.


The Models tab includes sample characters, tiles, and objects. A 3D preview of the last selected model is shown on the right and can be rotated by holding and dragging the left mouse button. As stated in the dialog, if any of these models are used in your game (original or derivation), please ensure that proper credit is given to the creator(s).


The Music tab includes a set of chiptune-style music by Josh Penn-Pierson. You can listen to a song either by double-clicking on it or by selecting it then clicking the play button. As stated in the dialog, these songs are licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0). If any of these songs are used in your game, please ensure that proper credit is given to Josh.

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