Vloxelworld Alpha v0.6


Vloxelworld Alpha v0.6

Latest Update on Vloxelworld (by Ofihombre)

After a one year of absence from the previous version, Vloxelworld is now return to loaded with a good variety of updates on the alpha v0.6 following in this list:


– Update in the Game title:

vloxelworld title changes

– Added Main Menu & Pause Menu:

Vloxelworld main menu Vloxelworld pause menu

– Updates in some maps:


vloxelworld arcade


Vloxelworld arcade 0 6

Other updates:

– Is also available in Mac & Linux

– Added a Skybox

– Added a Bats, more music & sound effects

– Fixed some maps, and added news: Bitrock Dungeon & Dungeon Passage, etc.

– Fixed the problem of the battles, and now they work well (most times).

– You can rotate the camera with the right mouse button

– You can save & load the game

To know with more details, the link of the version so that they can download:

Vloxelworld alpha v0.6

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