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Development Continues, Founder’s Access

Development Continues! Now that I’m back from vacation, I have jumped back into coding new features and fixing bugs! As an aside, I must admit that I also spent a couple of evenings attempting to recreate E1M1 of DOOM in […]


Preview Trailer

Since I didn’t have any videos of RPG in a Box up to this point, I threw together some clips demonstrating the process of creating a game from start to finish (with some of the less interesting segments sped up). […]


3D Viewer

You can now head over to the newly added 3D Viewer page and enjoy a basic chair model that I created! This model was created in the Voxel Editor that I am currently developing and was then exported to the […]


Media for Past Projects

I created a gallery containing screenshots of some of my past personal projects that are RPG-related. You can browse these screenshots by clicking here, or by navigating to the Past Projects link within the MEDIA menu above. These projects aren’t […]