Release v0.2.2-alpha


Release v0.2.2-alpha

In this version, objects can now be set up to span multiple tiles based on their voxel dimensions. In support of this, a grid depth slider was added to the Voxel Editor that can be adjusted independently of the grid width for objects. The width and depth are locked together for tiles, of course, since tiles are required to be square. I will potentially open this feature up for characters in the future to allow for possibilities such as large enemies that cover multiple tiles.

(Credit to Mike Judge for the car model which I used for testing)

In order to make sure of this new feature, you can set the grid width and grid depth for your object to a multiple of the tile width that your map uses. For example, if you are using the standard 16×16 tile dimensions and you set an object to have a width of 32 and a depth of 16 (like the car above), when placing it into your map it will automatically span across two tiles. As shown below, I have added the car to my map and set up interaction from the adjacent tiles.

Below is a full list of changes in this release:

New Features:

  • Objects can now span multiple tiles. In support of this new feature, the grid depth is now separately adjustable for objects in the Voxel Editor. As an example, if you are using 16×16 tiles, you can set an object’s grid dimensions to 32×16 and when placing the object into a map it will span two tiles. Similarly, a 32×32 object would span a square area of 4 tiles.
  • The current voxel coordinate is now displayed in the lower right corner of the Voxel Editor.

Other Changes:

  • Increased width limit of voxel models to 32.
  • Changed the application’s default font to Noto Sans.
  • Tweaked camera adjustments in the Voxel Editor to better accommodate varying grid dimensions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Colors will now be properly loaded when importing .vox files that are using MagicaVoxel’s default palette. Previously, an incorrect assumption was made that a palette chunk would always be present in the file.
  • Fixed another issue with the Tile Size filter where the sizes in the dropdown would sometimes be duplicated.
  • Bold grid lines in the Voxel Editor now correctly show at the center and at every 8 voxels from the center regardless of the grid width.

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