Goals for v0.0.2-alpha


Goals for v0.0.2-alpha

Since I’ve already started working on v0.0.2-alpha, I thought I would share what my plans are for this next version. My focus is going to be on some of the remaining functionality that will be vital to making RPG in a Box complete. While this includes some tasks that will not be nearly as fun to code as others, it will be much better to get them out of the way early on! Here is a rough list of features and improvements I hope to include:

  • Game management features for creating/managing the structure of your game, its configuration, and resources, including a Game Explorer panel to easily view and access your game’s resources
  • Exporting to a playable standalone game for Windows (and hopefully Linux, Mac OS, and Android)
  • Various minor improvements to the Map Editor, including the ability to have multiple maps open at once


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