Current Features (as of the Latest Release)

Voxel Editor

Build custom 3D voxel models!

  • Create tiles, objects, and characters up to 32x32x48 in size
  • Animate your models using the frame-by-frame (stop-motion) animation functionality
  • Import from MagicaVoxel .vox files
  • Export one or more frames to the .OBJ format

Map Editor

Create your own tile-based worlds!

  • Build maps using your tiles, objects, and characters
  • Preview and select from your available resources using the resource selection panel
  • Easily customize the navigation and interaction between tiles and objects
  • Add scripts to tiles and objects that can be activated by the player

Dialogue Editor

Give speech to your characters!

  • Create simple dialogue for interacting with NPCs

Script Editor

Trigger actions and events!

  • Create scripts in the visual drag-and-drop editor for triggering events such as: 
    • Displaying a message
    • Giving an item to the player
    • Loading a map
    • Playing an animation for an object
    • And many, many more to come...

Item Editor

Design items and equipment!

  • Basic item inventory and container functionality 
    • Create items in the Item Editor and assign an image
    • Place items into containers (such as treasure chests) in the Map Editor for the player to take

Game Exporting

Play and distribute your game!

  • Export your game to either the Windows or Linux platform (32-bit and 64-bit). The exported game contains two files (an executable and a package with your game's resources) which can be easily distributed as a standalone product.

Planned Features

The list below contains many of the major features (in no particular order) that I would like to implement into RPG in a Box at some point in the future. These are in addition to improving and expanding upon the features above that are already implemented.

  • Customizable UI (colors, fonts, cursors, etc.)
  • Currency system
  • Merchant system for buying and selling of items
  • Customizable stats/combat systems
  • Party system for multiple characters
  • Quest system
  • Save game support
  • Sound effects (custom and built-in)
  • Day/night cycles and weather systems
  • Particle system
  • Pixel image editor for creating item/UI images
  • Shaders for more varied visual styles
  • Additional scripting functions to give the user as much control as possible
  • Random dungeon generation and other roguelike features
  • Controller support
  • Additional language support