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 ---- ----
 +=====Introduction to RPG in a Box=====
 +=====Voxel Editor Basics=====
 =====Getting Started===== =====Getting Started=====
-These "Getting Started" tutorials have been copied over from the old wiki. They will eventually be redone and brought more up-to-date, but I've made them available since they should still be helpful in the meantime. 
   *[[create_example_game_tutorial|Creating a Quick Example Game]]   *[[create_example_game_tutorial|Creating a Quick Example Game]]
   *[[create_custom_game_tutorial|Creating Your Own Game from Scratch]]   *[[create_custom_game_tutorial|Creating Your Own Game from Scratch]]
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   *[[linking_maps_tutorial|Linking Maps]]   *[[linking_maps_tutorial|Linking Maps]]
   *[[door_scripting_tutorial|Door Scripting]]   *[[door_scripting_tutorial|Door Scripting]]
 +  *[[item_pickup_tutorial|Item Pickups]]
 =====Map Editor===== =====Map Editor=====
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