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 ---- ----
-Starts the specified dialogue. The dialogue name is case-sensitive.+Starts the specified ​[[dialogue]]. The [[dialogue]] name is case-sensitive.
 ====Signature:​==== ====Signature:​====
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 ^Argument^Description^Type^Required^ ^Argument^Description^Type^Required^
-|dialogue_name|Name of the dialogue (as defined in the [[Dialogue Editor]]).|[[String]]|Yes|+|dialogue_name|Name of the [[dialogue]] (as defined in the [[Dialogue Editor]]).|[[String]]|Yes|
 ====Example:​==== ====Example:​====
-<​code ​python>+<​code ​bauxite>
 start_dialogue("​greeting"​) start_dialogue("​greeting"​)
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-//​Results://​ Starts the dialogue named "​greeting"​.+//​Results://​ Starts the [[dialogue]] named "​greeting"​.
 <WRAP center round tip 100%> <WRAP center round tip 100%>
-Use the **Start Dialogue** function to manually trigger a dialogue between a set of characters as part of a scripted sequence or cutscene.+Use the **Start Dialogue** function to manually trigger a [[dialogue]] between a set of [[character|characters]] as part of a scripted sequence or cutscene.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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