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Sound FX Generator

The Sound FX Generator tool can be used to create basic 8-bit/chip style sound effects for your game and is accessed from the main toolbar along the top of the application. It is based on the sfxr tool created by Tomas Pettersson.

To create a sound effect, click one of the preset buttons along the left, for example “Pickup/Coin”. The tool will generate a random sound effect based on that preset type. You can click the same button again to continue randomly generating a sound, or you can tweak the manual settings in the center to fine tune the sound to your liking. The “Mutate” button will make slight changes to the most recent sound effect that was generated. The “History” list allows you to return to a sound that was previously generated within that particular session. Experiment and have fun!

The button along the right allow certain actions to be taken on the current sound effect. Refer to the table below for descriptions of each function.

Play SoundPlays the sound using the current settings. Use this button if you adjusted any of the manual settings or if you want to hear the last generated sound again.
Save SoundSaves the current sound effect into the “Sounds” folder of your game project. You will be prompted for a name to save the sound effect as. This name is used when referenced elsewhere, for example in the Play Sound scripting function.
Load SettingsLoads a settings file that was previously saved from the Sound FX Generator.
Save SettingsSaves the current settings into an external file that can later be loaded back into the Sound FX Generator for further tweaking.
Export to .WAVExports the current sound effect to a standard .WAV file. You will be prompted for a destination folder.

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