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 Instantly positions the player onto the specified tile. Instantly positions the player onto the specified tile.
 <code python> <code python>
 put_player(tile_id,​ direction) put_player(tile_id,​ direction)
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 ^Argument^Description^Type^Required^ ^Argument^Description^Type^Required^
-|tile_id|Description.|[[String]]|Yes| +|tile_id|ID of the destination tile.|[[String]]|Yes| 
-|direction|Description.|[[Constant]]|No|+|direction|Cardinal direction for the player to face towards.|[[Cardinal Direction]]|No|
 ====Example:​==== ====Example:​====
 <code python> <code python>
-put_player("​tile_id", ​SOUTH)+put_player("​tile_portal02", ​EAST)
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-//​Results://​+//​Results:// ​The player is immediately repositioned onto the tile with an ID of "​tile_portal02"​.
 <WRAP center round tip 100%> <WRAP center round tip 100%>
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