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Override Animation

Overrides an entity's animation with another one. This can be used to replace a predefined animation (for example, a character's “walk” animation) with a custom one during the game. You can specify the same name for both parameters to revert that animation to its original settings.


override_animation(entity, anim_to_override, override_with)
entityEntity for which to override the animation.EntityYes
anim_to_overrideName of the animation that will be overridden.StringYes
override_withName of the animation to use in place of the overridden one.StringYes


override_animation(player, "walk", "silly_walk")

Results: Until reverted, the “silly_walk” animation will be used whenever the player is walking instead of the original “walk” animation.

Use the Override Animation function (along with Set Movement Speed) to replace the player's default walking animation with a running animation when traversing the wilderness or with a staggering animation when they've suffered an injury.

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