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NPC Behavior

NPC Behavior determines how an NPC moves around the map and reacts to their surroundings. It can be configured from their Entity Properties dialog in the Map Editor.

Refer to the table below for a description of each setting.

Ruleset NameUnique name for the behavior ruleset. Currently this will display as “Custom” and cannot be edited, but in a future release you'll able to save the settings for reuse with other NPCs.
Movement AreaDetermines where the NPC is permitted to move, for example to any open tiles or only those within a group defined for the map.
Movement IntervalDetermines how long the NPC will wait (in seconds) between each movement attempt. This can either be a fixed value or a random value within a range.
Movement DirectionDetermines the direction in which the NPC will attempt to move. This can either be a random direction, a relative direction (forward, to their left. etc.), or an absolute cardinal direction.
Reaction to ObstacleDetermines how the NPC will react to an obstacle in their path. The options currently include turning left, turning right, reversing direction, or stopping permanently.

In the example below, the slime has been configured to always move forward at an interval of zero seconds. It is also configured to turn right in reaction to an obstacle.

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