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Move Platform

Moves the platform tile to the specified waypoint at its assigned movement speed.


move_platform(tile, waypoint_name, pause)
tilePlatform tile that will be moved.EntityYes
waypoint_nameName of the destination waypoint.StringYes
pauseWhether or not script should be paused until the waypoint has been reached. Defaults to false.BooleanNo

A tile can be configured as a platform by selecting it in the Map Editor and enabling the “Moving Platform” option from the Entity Properties panel. See Platforms for more information.


move_platform(entity["wooden_platform"], "Across Pit");

Results: The platform tile with an ID of “wooden_platform” moves from its current location to the coordinate for the waypoint named “Across Pit”.

Use the Move Platform function to transport the player character on an elevator to the upper floor of a building or on a raft across a wide river.

Editor Node:

Visual Demo:

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