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 ---- ----
-Hides the toolbar containing the inventory button, etc.+Hides the toolbar containing the [[inventory]] button, etc.
 <code python> <code python>
 hide_toolbar() hide_toolbar()
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 ====Example:==== ====Example:====
-<code python+<code bauxite
 </code> </code>
-//Results:// The camera is locked into its current position within the scene and the player's movements no longer affect the camera until it has been reset. Zooming and rotating of the camera are also disabled.+//Results:// The toolbar buttons are longer visible until shown again.
 <WRAP center round tip 100%> <WRAP center round tip 100%>
-Use the **Hide Toolbar** function to force a static view of the current map or to freeze the camera in place for the duration of a cutscene.+Use the **Hide Toolbar** function to hide the toolbar buttons during cutscenes or [[dialogue]] to prevent them from being accessed.
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
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