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 ---- ----
-Restores the specified amount of health to an entity (while not exceeding its maximum health value).+Restores the specified amount of health to an [[entity]] (while not exceeding its maximum health value). ​ 
 +<WRAP center round info 100%> 
 +As healing will have no effect on defeated [[character|characters]],​ you must use [[Revive Character]] in order to bring a defeated [[character]] back to life. 
 ====Signature:​==== ====Signature:​====
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 ^Argument^Description^Type^Required^ ^Argument^Description^Type^Required^
-|entity|Entity that will be healed.|[[Entity]]|Yes| +|entity|[[Entity]] that will be healed.|[[Entity]]|Yes| 
-|heal_amount|Amount of health to restore.|[[Decimal]]|Yes|+|heal_amount|Amount of health to restore.|[[Number]]|Yes|
 ====Example:​==== ====Example:​====
-<​code ​python>+<​code ​bauxite>
 heal_entity(player,​ 5) heal_entity(player,​ 5)
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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