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Global Event Scripts

The Global Event Scripts tab, located in your Game Configuration, allows you to attach scripts to certain in-game events. Whenever the event described occurs, the assigned script will be immediately triggered. Refer to the table below for descriptions of the events that are currently supported.

IconEvent NameDescription
Camera Direction ChangesTriggered when the camera is rotated to a new cardinal direction (e.g. from NORTH to WEST), either by the player or a camera script. The script assigned to this event can check the camera's new direction using the “camera.direction” variable.
Player Character Levels UpTriggered when either the main player character or a party member levels up. The script assigned to this event can reference the character who leveled up using the “self” variable.
Player is DefeatedTriggered when the main player character has been defeated, for example from a hazardous tile or real-time enemy damage. If desired, characters can be revived using the Revive Character function.
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