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 ======Conditional Expression Builder====== ======Conditional Expression Builder======
 ---- ----
 +The **Conditional Expression Builder** is a tool that allows you to easily build a conditional expression from lists of supported components. This dialog is accessed by editing a Condition node in the [[Dialogue Editor]]. In order to build an expression, select an element from the list on the left, a comparison operator from the center list, and a value to check for or compare against from the list on the right.
 {{:​wiki:​cond_expr_builder.png?​nolink|}} {{:​wiki:​cond_expr_builder.png?​nolink|}}
 +As shown in the example above, the expression that was built will check to see if the "​visited"​ property of self (i.e. the initiating NPC) is set to "​true"​. In addition to using this wizard-type method of building the expression, you can also directly edit the expression in the text field at the top of the dialog. The icon to the right of the text field will indicate whether the expression is valid ({{:​wiki:​accept.png?​nolink|}}) or invalid ({{:​wiki:​exclamation.png?​nolink|}}).
 +<WRAP center round info 100%>
 +Refer to the [[Conditional Expression]] page for more information on the structure of conditional expressions and a few examples.
 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
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