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A character is a resource type that can be used to represent the player, an NPC, or an enemy. Characters, similar to tiles and objects, are created in the Voxel Editor. Refer to the table below for more details around each of the usages for the character resource type.

Player CharacterAny character created in the Voxel Editor can be used for your game's main player character. This is selected in the “General” section of the Game Configuration. The player character can also be overridden on a per map basis from the Map Properties panel.
NPCsA character can be used to represent an NPC by placing it into a map from the Map Editor. An NPC can have dialogue attached to it which allows the player to engage in a conversation with that NPC.
EnemiesA character can be configured as an enemy by placing it into a map from the Map Editor and then either selecting “Start Battle” for the “When Next to Player” or “When Player Interacts” behavior setting or enabling the “Attackable in Real-Time” option from the Entity Properties dialog. Character models are also used when configuring enemies from the Combat Editor.
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