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 ---- ----
-Adds the specified entity to a group.+Adds the specified [[entity]] to a [[groups|group]].
 ====Signature:==== ====Signature:====
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 ^Argument^Description^Type^Required^ ^Argument^Description^Type^Required^
-|entity|Entity that will be added to the group.|[[Entity]]|Yes| +|entity|[[Entity]] that will be added to the [[groups|group]].|[[Entity]]|Yes| 
-|group_name|Name of the group the entity will be added to.|[[String]]|Yes|+|group_name|Name of the [[groups|group]] the [[entity]] will be added to.|[[String]]|Yes|
 ====Example:==== ====Example:====
 <code bauxite> <code bauxite>
-add_to_group(entity["chest01"], "open")+add_to_group(entity["slime01"], "slimes");
 </code> </code>
-//Results:// Triggers the animation named "open" for the entity with an ID of "chest01"+//Results:// Adds the [[entity]] with ID "slime01to the "slimes" [[groups|group]].
- +
-<WRAP center round tip 100%> +
-Use the **Add To Group** function to... +
 ---- ----
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 <WRAP half column> <WRAP half column>
 ====Editor Node:==== ====Editor Node:====
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
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