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Add Item To Container

Adds one or more of the specified item to an item container. The ID of the item is case-sensitive and should match the ID assigned to it in the Item Editor (e.g. “ITEM_0001”). The item(s) will be placed into the first open slot(s) of the container.


add_item_to_container(entity, item_id, count)
entityContainer entity to which the item will be added.EntityYes
item_idID of the item (as assigned in the Item Editor).StringYes
countHow many of the item to add (defaults to 1).NumberNo


add_item_to_container(self, "ITEM_0001", 1);

Results: One of ITEM_0001 is placed into the container entity from which the script was triggered.

Use the Add Item Container function to place a new item into a chest or onto a table after the player has performed an action to build, generate, or “craft” the item.

Editor Node:

Visual Demo:

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