Godot Engine and Community

Thank you to Juan Linietsky and all those who have contributed to the engine.

Godot Engine Website

Joiro Hatagaya

For his great "8-Bit Wonder" font from that I am using in my logo.

Joiro's Fonts at

Stefan Poiss

For inspiration behind the title of my project (and for the awesome music he makes). Website

Tomas Pettersson

For his simple and fun sound effects generator, sfxr, that was implemented into RPG in a Box.

Project page for sfxr

Mark James

For the Silk icon set that I am using as placeholders in my software until I get around to making my own.

Silk Icons at

David Vandevoorde

For his article on the "Maximal Rectangle Problem", which was a great help in creating my mesh generation code.

The Maximal Rectangle Problem