Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction to RPG in a Box! RPG in a Box, being a voxel-based game engine, might seem like a niche product on the surface, but it has many fun, creative applications and offers something for everyone, even if they have no interest in game development. While it is a game engine, at its heart RPG in a Box is all about the creator, the user, it's about empowering people to create, to tell stories, or just spend time making something for themselves. It's a blend of game and game engine. It's a creative suite of tools.

The voxel editor is fun and easy to use, almost like building with LEGO bricks. It's very accessible and easy to pick up. Animations are frame-based and are as simple to make as a flipbook. The map editor is tile-based, so it's like putting together a playset or building something in the Sims or Minecraft. It lends itself perfectly to content creation because it's all about making the creative process fun and satisfying. Builds are easy to make and share; assets, projects, and the games you export from RPG in a Box can all be freely shared, distributed, or sold by the creator.

The 1.0 release trailer provides a brief overview of what RPG in a Box offers. The community showcase, which is included at the end of the trailer and as a separate video below, displays just a few of the many games being created by the RPG in a Box community and demonstrates the wide range of possibilities!

"I love this engine. It's like my new favorite game that I play all the time except I can make games."
- LazerBurns

"RPG in a Box is some kind of sorcery - it somehow convinced me to work ten hours on the weekend to make a wall set, lol. It was just as enjoyable as playing a game, but more satisfying."
- Shortest Viking

"There are a lot of good things to say about this--in short, a really fun system of tools for building voxel-graphic games--but the most distinct is that the developer is unfailingly one of the friendliest, most helpful people on the internet."
- Forensic Scientologist

"Having loads of fun creating in RPG in a Box. Entry level to experienced, you can't go wrong here. RPG in a Box is a great tool to get your game up and running while having fun in the process. Yes it's a great tool. Yes it's worth a buy. Yes it's FUN!"
- Kracka

"After having used the engine for a decent amount of hours I have fallen in love with it. In short: this engine has something to offer for everybody. The developer is actively working on the project and listening to the community."
- Lespa

"I highly recommend RPG in a Box to anyone interested in making their own game but is put off by the thought of coding, doesn't have that much free time or just likes the idea of a refreshingly intuitive and simple system to work with."
- JamaicanDave

"I'm in love with it... since 2019. Used it over 1k hours. Do I regret one minute of it? NOPE."
- callme-jk

"The easiest, most intuitive way to make a game."
- Mister Scoops

The list of future goals below includes, in no particular order, some of the major features I hope to add to RPG in a Box over the longer term, while continuing to expand upon and improve the existing features and functionality.

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