Archive: 2020 April


Release Notes for v0.5.9.2

Added a default style for entity tooltips and the ability to change their background color and border color from the Theme Editor (in tooltip styles section) Added ability to increase a character’s level using the “stat” syntax (e.g. player.stat[“level”] += […]


Release Notes for v0.5.9.1

Added “Ignore Fog of War” checkbox to the Entity Properties panel in the Map Editor to indicate that the entity should always be visible when Fog of War is enabled Added support for arrays to the “inverse” scripting function (reverses […]


Release Notes for v0.5.9

Added new scripting functions “Add To Group” and “Remove From Group” for adding an entity to a group or removing it from a group Added new scripting function “Restart Game” for manually restarting the game Added new scripting function “Equip […]