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Development Update as of 8/5/17

It’s so hard to believe it’s already been a month since my last development update! It’s been a pretty hectic month, but I’ve managed to make some good progress. I also have a bit of time off from my day […]


Development Update as of 3/27/17

Credits Editor One of the main new features that I have been working on recently is the Credits Editor and its related functionality. Using the Credits Editor, you can define a list of items that will be scrolled across the […]


Vloxelworld Alpha v0.6

Latest Update on Vloxelworld (by Ofihombre) After a one year of absence from the previous version, Vloxelworld is now return to loaded with a good variety of updates on the alpha v0.6 following in this list: Examples: – Update in […]


Example Game

I’ve uploaded an official example game for RPG in a Box over at IndieDB, click here to check it out! The purpose of this example game is to demonstrate the current features available in the game engine. The plan is […]



A demo of the first user-made project, Vloxelworld (by Ofihombre), is up on IndieDB. Vloxelworld makes use of the first-person camera mode and even features an arcade! At some point this week I will be adding my own sample game […]