Alpha Access

What is Alpha Access?

Alpha Access is a followup to Founder's Access and a period during which I'd like to improve (and add to) some of the existing features before the Steam Early Access release. It is intended for those who'd like to get a head start on creating a game with RPG in a Box (or even for those who would just like to show their faith in the project by supporting it earlier on). During this time, I would like to work with the community to collect feedback and suggestions. While I cannot guarantee when or if certain features will be implemented, I am interested in finding out what functionality would be beneficial for your games. This will help me to plan ahead and to move RPG in a Box forward in a positive direction as I work towards the Steam Early Access release.

Check out the section below for details on what you'll receive by purchasing Alpha Access!

 Alpha Access is now available on!

What's Included in Alpha Access:

Updates & Fixes

Regular updates at least once a week (and hotfixes as necessary) through the itch desktop app.

Forum & Discord Server

Access to the private developer forum and Discord server to discuss your project, provide feedback, and report bugs or issues.

Steam Key

A Steam key will be provided once RPG in a Box becomes available on Steam Early Access.